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Marsha Smith Founder/Sales & Marketing Director

Founder/ Sales

Marsha Smith

Founder/ Sales & Marketing Director

Marsha is the Founder/Sales & Marketing Manager at Kezmar Organic Farm. Her vision is to improve the quality of foods Jamaicans consume by producing quality products free from hormones, antibiotics, and harmful chemicals. She is a dedicated life-long student of sustainable and organic farming practices who consults with leaders in the agriculture industry to ensure the farm maintains the “highest standards” and “best practice” at all times. Marsha grew up in St. Catherine, Jamaica and spent summers with her grandparents on the farm in St. Ann. For Marsha, summers on the farm meant spending quality time with her grandparents. Those experiences left an indelible impact on her commitment to sustainable farming and in 2012, she founded Kezmar Farm to honour her grandparents’ legacy.

Marsha holds an advanced degree in Business Marketing and has over 23 years of customer relations’ experience. Marsha wears many hats; she is a graduate of Columbia University and holds a strong commitment to improving community mental health in Caribbean communities. When she is not working on the farm or connecting with customers, Marsha spends time giving back to her community by volunteering or through direct practice. Her strong belief that a healthy community is a successful community fuels her commitment to improving community health. This is evident in her unwavering commitment to improve the quality of the foods Jamaicans consume.